City of McAllen honoring the dead with "Dia De Los Muertos" altar

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The city of McAllen and the Mexican Consul hosted their opening ceremony for Dia De Los Muertos  or "Day of the Dead" on Thursday at the McAllen International Airport. 

This year is dedicated to those who lost their battle to COVID-19, but also a celebration to the loved ones who have passed away. 

McAllen Mayor Jim Darling said taking pride in this tradition has a powerful meaning. 

"It's sharing of our customs in the United States — Halloween is trick or treat, in Mexico it's much more significant." Darling said. "Dia De Los Muertos we honor the dead, we remember the dead and relatives who passed."

The altar will be at the McAllen International Airport until Nov. 9. 

Watch the video for the full story. 


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