City of Weslaco Finishes Upgrades to Draining Canal

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WESLACO – After flooding in October, the city of Weslaco finishes upgrades to a draining canal outside of Quail Hollow Drive.

Pete Garcia, Weslaco Department of Public Works director, said the city added a backup 24-inch drain line from a retention pond near the street. It will carry into a drain ditch assisting the current drainage system.

Garcia said the upgrade will address concerns residents of Quail Hollow had with flooding.

“This drain line was actually placed a little higher above the existing line in the bottom. So once it gets to a certain level, if we have one inch, two inches, it’s going to run into the drain on the bottom. But once we get a little more rain, once we get to a certain level, the retention pond, then this one will come in play,” he said.

Garcia added the city has to notify local utilities before starting a major project to make sure they don’t hit any power lines.


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