Clogged Drainage Pipe Cause of Flooding in Hargill

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HARGILL – People living in one Rio Grande Valley community said the latest downpours exposed a need for drainage improvements.

Last week, rainwaters flooded the streets of Hargill and crept into some residents’ homes. The county said clogged drains are to blame.

Hargill received an inch and a half of rain and higher rainfall came to the surrounding area. Floodwaters covered some front yards.

“Over here, it would be in water,” resident Jesus Delgado said. “I don’t mind because I live by myself.”

He said his concern is for his neighbors who were flooded out, just like him, on 8th street.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS contacted Hidalgo County Precinct 1 Commissioner David Fuentes’s office. They said some homes, like Delgado’s, are in a low-lying area.

They said a drainage pipe north of town, running under a road, got clogged.

Delgado said he didn’t see a drain in the area and saw nothing that could move the water. “You make a ditch next to my pavement and next to my property all the way to 493. One here, one on that side, start doing some ditches over here, and all that water will flow,” he said.

Delgado’s known the terrain for 69 years.

“I was born behind that cotton gin over there in 1948. So I know what I’m talking about,” he said.

The Precinct 1 office said the drains were unclogged by Saturday, a day after the damage. They said they found garbage in the clogged drain.

Officials said residents need to stay in control of their trash.

“I don’t mind about my place...But these other people over here, they need somebody to help,” Delgado said.

The office said the county pumped out 200,000 gallons of water over the weekend. Delgado wants for a permanent solution.

We asked the precinct one office if they’re considering any kind of improvement to the drainage system. They said they’re going to evaluate those low-lying areas like Delgado’s to see if they can improve anything. They'll also look into widening the drainage pipe that was clogged. 


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