Community shed opens in McAllen

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McAllen city leaders unveiled a new program giving all residents a chance to beautify their yards for free.

Homeowners will now have access to a community tool shed located at 1516 North 15 Street, so they can spruce up their yards whenever they want at no cost.

The city launched the program to provide people who can't afford to maintain their yard with the tools to do so, officials said, adding that the program aims to encourage residents to keep their homes up to code.

"It was created for the community—for residents of the community to have a resource to borrow any kind of garden tool to help beautify their properties," Director of Environmental and Health Code Enforcement Steven Kotsatos said. "Also to help us have residents come into compliance with some of the health violations that we see in the field."

Kotsatos said the community shed is equipped with several tools that can be loaned out for up to 72 hours, including brand new lawnmowers, weed eaters, rakes, shovels, and power washers.

Resident interested in renting equipment from the community shed must be over 18 years old, show proof of residency, and fill out an application.

The tools can be picked up Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.


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