Company of 18-Wheeler to Help Pay for Damages in Harlingen

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HARLINGEN – The owner of a Harlingen business said he is getting help to cover the costs of damages from an 18-wheeler accident.

The big rig ripped through power lines connected to the Nite Shift Sports Bar in Harlingen. The driver of the 18-wheeler failed to stop.

Business owner Camilo Perez said he was forced to close his business for a few nights while electrical repairs were being made.

He said he originally had to pay for all repairs out-of-pocket.

However, he was later contacted by the company that employed the driver of the 18-wheeler. Perez said they’re working with him to repay him for some of the repairs.

“By Saturday afternoon, the company had already contacted us and I have been working with them for the last couple of weeks going over the figures and what needs to be replaced and verifications. But they have been very helpful,” he said.

Perez said he’s grateful his business opened once again and thanked his loyal customers for their patience. 


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