CON MI GENTE: Veteran Group Designates Brownsville Restaurant as 'All American'

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BROWNSVILLE – A Rio Grande Valley veterans’ group has designated a Brownsville restaurant as their all-American restaurant.

The owners, Miguel Chavez and his family, of La Vaquita Restaurant were honored by the Warriors United in Arms.

“He is very pro-veteran and he is known in the veteran community for helping homeless veterans and anybody that might be hungry. You come here and they'll feed you and they'll do it for free. He's a super gentleman,” said Tony Garcia, a member of the veterans’ group.

Chavez says he is not a veteran, but he has a special place in his heart because his grandfather and other family members have served.

The group erected a flag in front of the restaurant as a sign of their gratitude and an American flag that will fly proudly.

Watch the video above for the full segment of Con Mi Gente.


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