Congressman discuss appropriations committee provisions for 2021 budget

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U.S. Rep. Henry Cuellar, D-Laredo held a press conference Monday discussing a substantial $12.5 billion increase addition to the $1.4 trillion final spending budget for fiscal year 2021. 

The House Appropriation Committee agreed to increase spending on projects that will impact the Rio Grande Valley which includes investments in education, housing expansion, financial assistance for veterans and more.

“We added 12.5 billion dollars over the amount we had last time. This allowed us to add monies into several areas,” Cuellar said during the press conference. 

The final fiscal year budget for 2021 reflects substantial increases to non-defense spending and small increases for defense-related programs. 

For more details on which priority projects are included in the final budget click here. 

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To watch the full press conference click here.


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