Consequences of Irresponsible Street Racing

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MCALLEN – One Rio Grande Valley father is speaking out about the dangers of street racing. 

Abel Flores said his son, Marcelo Flores, lost his life due to careless actions. He wants to see those actions stopped.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS first told you about the deadly incident back in January of 2016. The 20-year-old lost his life after the car he was a passenger in crashed at the corner of 10th and Sprague streets while racing. 

"If you wanna race go to the track, not on the street," said Flores.

The father wants street racing to be stopped before another tragedy occurs. 

"I don't want nobody to do this because this not only can kill themselves, they can kill somebody else and it can cause a lot of family problems. Like the one I'm in right now,” he said.

Officer Eric Hernandez with the Weslaco Police Department said a lot of the time they count on citizens to help them stop illegal street racing. 

"A lot of the times, what we do is we count on the citizens to actually contact us and let us know we have several vehicles that are racing up and down this roadway,” he explained.

The officers also rely heavily on social media to shut down those speeders. 

"We'll set up something some type of sting in that area to combat it,” he added.

Hernandez said even though the act may seem fun at the time, a lot of dangers lie with it. 

"You have the possibility of injuring someone or even killing them. So, think of the consequences prior to you doing it,” he warned.

Hernandez said the punishment for illegal street racing varies on the court. The first occurrence carries a Class B misdemeanor punishable up to a $2,000 fine and 180 days in jail. 

Ciro Manuel Trevino, the man responsible for the deadly street race, was sentenced to six years behind bars after pleading guilty in the case.


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