Constables Turn to Technology to Help with Personnel Shortag

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BROWNSVILLE – Cameron County constables are turning to technology to help with a deputy shortage.

At times in Precinct 1, only one deputy will be on patrol which can make hot spots difficult. One of these areas is along Highway 48.

It’s an issue fisherman, Steve Dutko, sees all too often.

"All the time, they all pass me up," said Dutko.

Dutko comes to fish just off Highway 48 twice a week. On several occasions, he says speeders nearly ran him off the road.

"Speed limit is 75 but we have people going 90 and even triple digits," said Precinct 1 Constable Deputy Saul Sauceda.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS rode along with Sauceda as he patrolled the speeder hot spot.

"It's one shot from Brownsville to Port Isabel. It takes an average of about 40 minutes," said Sauceda.

Right now there are four deputies for Cameron County Precinct 1 Constables versus the seven they would like to have.

Sauceda says one issue they faced is the amount of time it takes writing citations versus catching criminals.

They acquired new electronic ticket writers to help spend less time writing citations and more time catching those breaking the law.

"This system will help a lot for the deputies to be out there and enforce the traffic laws," said Pedro Delgadillo the Cameron County Precinct 1 Constable.

For Dutko, he said if this helps put an end to the Highway 48 speeders, then him and his fishing buddies are all for it.

Depending on how well these ticket writers work, Delgadillo says they have plans to get more.


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