Construction Plans of Border Wall at Historical Local Cemetery Postponed

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PHARR – Plans for a proposed border wall imposing on a Rio Grande Valley burial site are postponed. 

Some descendants of people buried at the Eli Jackson Chapel and Cemetery spoke with Border Patrol agents Wednesday to learn more about the site’s future.

Paul Villareal, one of the descendants, says the site is safe for six months.

“I was very happy that the agents of Border Patrol want to communicate. They are respectful; I think that it was something that I appreciated very much,” says Villareal.

Another descendant and part-owner of the sacred site, Sylvia Ramirez, says she is worried about what happens after the six months are over.

Ramirez says she is furious that her family's land wasn’t exempt from the border wall plans like other local historical sites.

She says her family plans to continue to set up meetings with their congressmen and senators over the course of the next six months.

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