Convenience Store Company Fires Employees for Refusing Servi

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MCALLEN – Sunoco LP fired several employees after a complaint that a disabled person was not assisted at a McAllen gas station.

The parent company of Stripes Stores said the refusal was unacceptable.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS inquired about the incident after speaking to Luis Guerrero, a disabled Rio Grande Valley resident.

Guerrero is missing a leg after an injury he sustained as a career firefighter. 

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, self-service gas stations with more than one employee present are required to assist patrons with disabilities.

Guerrero said he handed $10 to an attendant and asked for help several times.

"She got the $10, she went back inside the store," said Guerrero. "She never came out."

His wait lasted 25 minutes, he said.

In an email response, a Sunoco LP spokesperson said the employees involved in the incident were terminated.

"We express our sincerest apologies for this incident," said a Sunoco LP spokesperson.


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