County judge reacts to expansion of Operation Lone Star in Brooks County

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Migrants caught trespassing on private property in Brooks County will now be arrested.

Mike Vickers, a veterinarian in Falfurrias, said he wants to see trespassers on his property put behind bars. Usually, these people are migrants being guided by human smugglers, he said.

“Finding and seeing dead bodies is something that we've accustomed to,” Vickers said. “And incarcerating them for a period of time would make them think twice about coming back illegally.”

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Brooks County Judge Eric Ramos sees it differently.

The county got a prosecutor to handle Operation Lone Star related trespassing cases last month. Judge Ramos said he has been apprehensive about cooperating with the governor.

“The state for political reasons has not thought this out completely, and they're sort of making it up as they go along,” Ramos said. “And what he doesn't understand is that it absolutely impacts the lives of human beings.”


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