Couple's Vehicle Repossessed after Problems with Payments

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WESLACO – A couple doesn’t understand why their newly purchased car was repossessed.

Zoila Saldivar said they’ve been up-to-date with payments in order to keep their end of the deal.

She and her husband woke Friday morning to see their 2014 Nissan Versa being towed. According to them, it was towed away by a Rio Grande Valley company.

Saldivar reached out to CHANNEL 5 NEWS after stopping by her bank Wells Fargo. She said the bank claimed she was behind on payments but also learned something new about the case.

Saldivar showed CHANNEL 5 NEWS receipts to prove they were meeting deadlines.

“Wells Fargo was paying for my car insurance. And I said, ‘What do you mean they’re paying for my car insurance? I’ve been paying my car since the beginning,” she said.

She also showed us several insurance documents as proof that the vehicle had full-coverage insurance for the last 12 months.

Her husband, Ramiro Huerta, verified by phone the vehicle had insurance since January 2016. He said he recalled turning over his insurance coverage information to the car dealer when they purchased the car.

We reached out to Wells Fargo. A representative with the bank, Ruth Villalonga, said they are looking into the Saldivar’s claims.

Count on us to keep you updated on the bank’s response and the Saldivar family’s case.


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