COVID-19 data program developed at UT Health Brownsville to be use nationwide

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A major undertaking by healthcare professionals in Brownsville could help doctors around the nation combat the coronavirus.

Leading the epidemiology field around the world, Dr. Joseph McCormick, director at UTHealth CRU at UT Brownsville, leads a team in a major undertaking that could help the entire nation, a COVID-19 dashboard.

McCormick's team, comprised of data and health experts, is working to collect and piece together testing data from the Rio Grande Valley and Tyler areas.

The dashboard will identify shortfalls. For example, not testing during contact tracing.

"Since we know about half of the cases that occur are asymptomatic, then we're missing an awful lot of people that continue to spread the virus and we're missing them because all we're asking is if they're ill," says Dr. McCormick.

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