COVID-19 vaccine arrives in the Rio Grande Valley

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The COVID-19 vaccine arrived in the Rio Grande Valley Tuesday morning. 

DHR Health was one of the hospitals that received 5,850 doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine. 

The samples arrived in boxes being kept at -80 °C which is about -112 °F. DHR Health is also receiving some additional refrigerators with that shipment in order to hold her samples. 

Once those cold samples are opened, they have to be processed quickly and used before they go bad. They're now working on getting things squared away, and beginning vaccination of medical staff possibly starting tomorrow.   

“Logistically we're going to be taking a look to make sure everything is in place. Doing a dry run and a run through.” Dr. Robert Martinez, chief medical officer for DHR Health said. “We're looking at staffing and making sure we are maximizing our ability to transfer this, constitute the vaccine, and deliver the shots.” 

This is a two dose vaccine, meaning part is administered now, and then they have to come back for the second dose. The 5,000 doses are reserved for medical staff here at DHR Health It’s completely voluntary. 

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