Crash Responder Safety Week: Hundreds of first responders injured, killed yearly

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First responders face dangers every day. Often, their safety is put at risk while trying to help others. 

Every year, hundreds of first responders are injured or killed while serving the community. 

Edinburg Fire Chief Shawn Snider says many times while they're working an active scene, people will slow down to better look at what happened. But Snider says that can often make the situation worse. 

"Because of car accidents and other incidents that occur— the individuals are not used to seeing fire trucks on the road," Snider said. "We have people that are not totally focusing their attention on being able to mitigate themselves around those incidents that occur. I've been hit before. We've had fire trucks that have been hit, and it's because of people not focusing their attention on the roadways."

While he says he's been fortunate to survive those incidents, many first responders are not. 

According to the International Association of Fire Fighters, nearly one first responder is killed each week in the country. 

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