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MCALLEN--Valley congressman Henry Cuellar said the proposed border wall is all "showmanship" for President Trump.
     "I think what's going to happen...my opinion...they're going to build some miles. And the border patrol, I think you heard me say this in December, I've been asked already...tell us some strategic places to put a fence. sSo they'll build some fencing and then Trump might even come down, pat himself on the back, say look what I've done, but it's not going to be the 1,954 miles," Cuellar told CHANNEL 5 NEWS.
     Cuellar added he thinks a more effective and efficient way to secure our border is to use technology like aerostats, video surveillance and ground systems.
     Cuellar met with Mexican leaders, senators and businessmen in Mexico on Friday. They discussed relations between the two countries.
     Cuellar said in a press release, ""I witnessed in my meetings yesterday in Mexico City that Mexicans are more united than ever and ready to negotiate on policies and trade that will benefit both countries. We must remember that Mexico is one of our closest allies and friends. I am committed to doing my part in Congress to develop effective and efficient solutions that will address border security and enhance our bilateral relationship with Mexico."


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