Cyclist Points to Lack of Lighting in Area of Fatal Accident

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LOS FRESNOS - A deadly accident has people in one Valley colonia wanting change.

A cyclist was hit and killed on Highway 100 on Friday near Del Mar Heights. The driver stayed at the scene until police and EMS arrived. She is not facing any charges.

People who live in Del Mar Heights said the stretch of highway between that area and Los Fresnos can be dangerous, especially at night. "There are days when I feel the road is unsafe. We just have to be careful," said Efran Vega.

Vega rides his bike on Highway 100 to work. He said the road lacks lighting, and because of that, he tries to avoid riding at night.

"If there was more lighting, it would be a lot better... for those who cross the street," he said.

The nearest street light between Del Mar Heights and Los Fresnos is about two and a half miles away.

The Texas Department of Transportation surveys roadways every time there is a fatal accident. The survey on Highway 100 could take several weeks before a decision on what should be done is made. Vega hopes a decision on adding lights is made soon before someone else is hurt.


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