Dangerous McAllen Roadway Continues to Agonize Residents

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MCALLEN – The city of McAllen will soon implement additional safety measures as part of an ongoing project at a dangerous curve along the roadway.

This year, they will add street lights at 36th Street and Oxford Road.

The City Traffic Engineering Department is finalizing a design to install a metal beam guard fence at the same location. The project is a result of several crashes in that area over the years.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reported back in December about an accident where a driver crashed into a home along the curved road.

The most recent crash happened on Tuesday night. The accident left homes in the neighborhood without power for hours.

One homeowner said the safety measures are coming too late for her family.

“It's getting to the point that my kids don't even want to sleep in their rooms because they're scared they're going to get hit,” said Jennifer Acedo.

Acedo is a mother of three who moved into the area four years ago. She thought the first crash her family saw at the curve of the road was a rare occurrence.

“We're like maybe it's just the first accident, it's OK. It's not going to happen again, but it's continually, (happening) all the time,” she said.

The city of McAllen installed rumble strips and additional signage last year.

Acedo says the strips only make noise; drivers don't slow down. CHANNEL 5 NEWS saw some drivers avoid the strip altogether.

Acedo plans to move. She’s scared her daughters will get hit or be involved in an accident feet away from their home.

“One of them is going to be driving next year, so that's even worse. So that makes it even scarier for a mother,” said Acedo.


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