Dangers Journalist Face in Mexico

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WESLACO – Journalist in Mexico are on edge following the death of another colleague. Carlos Dominguez was killed Saturday in Nuevo Laredo.

Tamaulipas officials are working to determine if Dominguez was killed for the stories he wrote.

According to the Associated Press, in 2017, at least 10 Mexican journalists were killed because of the stories they did.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS spoke with a journalist who works in Tamaulipas. The journalist asked we hide his identity because of fear of retaliation.

He says those in his line of work across the Rio Grande River are forced to take precautions to avoid becoming a target.

"We feel really sad that these incidents have been getting worse by the day in Mexico but mostly in Tamaulipas. It's sad because we can't do our work properly," said the journalist.

He says he has covered stories across the state of Tamaulipas for several decades.

Over the years, he has lost two of his friends and fellow journalists. He said they were killed for doing their job.

"One was killed 15 years ago; another was killed 10 years ago. They were both killed by people in organized crime," he said.

He said the violence against journalists in Mexico is constantly getting worse.

"Lots of friends and colleagues based on the dangers of the job have left journalism and reporting in Mexico, mostly Tamaulipas," said the journalist.

Many are restricting their reporting out of fear of retaliation.

"When we report in Mexico, we have to take precautions on stories; like this one, murders, gun and drug busts. When things like that happen we limit ourselves to what authorities say," said the journalist.

He says as a journalist in Tamaulipas, looking over your shoulder is now a part of the job.

The government of Tamaulipas put out a statement in regards to Carlos Dominguez's murder saying we "will act firmly against any attack on freedom of expression and the labor of communicators."


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