Deputy Registrars: Boundaries and Responsibilities

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EDINBURG – Mayor Richard Molina was reportedly registering people to vote; He is allowed to do that as a volunteer deputy registrar.

Starr County District Attorney Omar Escobar, Jr. explains volunteer deputy registrars step-in to help residents who are too busy to register to vote.

Escobar says he’s familiar with voter fraud investigations.

“Deputy Registrars cannot help the person who is applying unless the person cannot read, write, or otherwise understand the application; they have to do it themselves,” he says.

Voters who spoke to state investigators about then Volunteer Deputy Registrar, Richard Molina, said he did more than deliver the form.

Some voters say Molina filled out the form with false addresses and had voters sign their form.

The truth of the allegations will be tested; however Escobar warns residents to be careful when signing government documents.

“It's a government document. If you're signing this document, or voter registration application, you're attesting, you're saying that everything on there is true and correct,” says Escobar.

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