DFPS tracking the rise in sudden infant death syndrome

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The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services is tracking the rise of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). 

Child Protective Investigations Regional Director Assistant Oscar Peraza said that near the end of the year when colder temperatures arrive parents might overdo it when trying to keep their baby warm. 

"You're thinking to yourself, 'Well my baby, he or she is going to be so cold. They're going to be so cold, they're going to be freezing' and all this and all that," Peraza said. "So you want to pile on all the Winnie the Pooh blankets and all the blankets you got for Christmas but in reality all of that is actually increasing their chance of a SIDS or SUIDS death."

Last year there were 163 reports of child fatalities throughout the state related to unsafe sleep, according to the DFPS.

For information on safe sleep tips and other parent resources, visit the following links. 

Parenting tips: www.getparentingtips.com 

Parent/Caregiver Resources: www.helpandhope.org 

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