DHS Revises Policy of Separating Families

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WASHINGTON D.C. – The Department of Homeland Security said it’s revising its decision to separate parents and children caught crossing the Mexican border illegally.

Secretary John Kelly said DHS won’t separate parents and children unless quote, “The situation at the time requires it.”

Kelly said Border Patrol agents could separate parents and children if the mother is sick or addicted to drugs. But he said it won’t be routine.

Kelly’s comment to a Senate committee reverses earlier statements that his agency was considering separation as a deterrent.

In written testimony, Kelly said about 11,000 people traveling as families were caught trying to cross the Mexican border into the U.S. illegally last month.

Kelly also told a Senate panel that he doesn’t expect a proposed border wall to reach from “sea to shining sea,” but to be in places where border agents say it would be most effective.


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