Diocese of Brownsville suspend mass services until further notice

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BROWNSVILLE – Rio Grande Valley Catholic churches are off-limits to the public by order of Bishop Daniel Flores. All mass services have been suspended, at least while the threat of coronavirus looms.

Flores says this has probably never happened before in the history of the Basilica. On Thursday, mass will be celebrated by a priest but without a congregation.

It's a decision he says, comes after a lot of consultation with the clergy and local and state public health officials.

"These severe measures are taken with great sorrow. But it's important to keep in mind they are necessary in my judgment and the judgment of those I've consulted for the sake of protecting lives. Especially the lives of our elderly in the community and those that suffer illnesses that make them vulnerable to the virus," said Flores.

The bishop says this suspension also extends beyond mass to public events, such as retreat programs and festivals.

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