Disabled Father Thanks AEP for Fixing Power Line Issue

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UPDATE (6/12): A Mercedes resident will soon receive help to solve an issue that sits right outside his window.  

Domingo Hernandez relies on his A/C to keep him alive. He said his neighbor’s overgrown tree sat on his electric line becoming a potential hazard to his health.

Hernandez said AEP came up with a solution to keep his power line away from the branches.

“They are going to move the wire from the pole behind my neighbor’s house to the pole behind my house sometime this week,” he said.

He added AEP recommended he also move his electric meter to the other side of his home for a more long-term solution.


MERCEDES- A Hidalgo County man with disabilities is concerned for his health after his neighbor’s tree keeps growing dangerously close to his power line.

Mercedes resident Domingo Hernandez told CHANNEL 5 NEWS he sustained injuries to his arm, back, eyes and nose during a water heater explosion incident.

Hernandez said after 17 surgeries and seven medical specialists, having electricity to power his air conditioning unit is a necessity.  

“If I get too dehydrated, my kidneys could shut down," he said.

Hernandez said branches from his neighbor’s tree are putting his power in jeopardy. He fears a storm could cause the branches to disconnect his power. Since the tree is on his neighbor's property, Hernandez said his electric company is not responsible for trimming it.

"I called yesterday TXU. They told me that they are not responsible for that," he said.

Hernandez said he and his neighbor can't afford to pay for the tree to be trimmed. CHANNEL 5 NEWS called AEP to see what they could do to help Hernandez. 

AEP spokesperson Lee Jones said workers will go out to evaluate the power line and see if they can they will help Hernandez by trimming the tree.

We will continue to track this situation to make sure that something is done.


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