Donna Donating Thousands to Help McAllen with Immigration Issues

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DONNA – The city of Donna has pledged to donate nearly $10,000 to McAllen to help with the immigration surge.

The city of McAllen spends nearly $3,000 of taxpayer money to help with immigration.

McAllen Mayor Jim Darling says he is very appreciative of Donna’s donation.

He says it’s unfortunate that immigration has become a local expense and not a federal one.

“Washington is not in touch with what really happens on the border. I think that is one of our problems is that we can't get immigration reform or border security issues through congress and White House,” says Mayor Darling.

The city of Donna is also dealing with immigration-related issues.

Customs and Border Protection has built “soft sided” facilities near the Donna port-of-entry that will housed over 500 immigrants.

The Mayor of Donna, Rick Morales, says his city wanted to help a nearby city because they recognize the need.

Mayor Morales says the donation was taken from an emergency fund and not a general fund; he adds it won’t affect Donna.

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