Donna ISD to provide students with iPads, laptops amid pandemic

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DONNA — Nearly 15,000 laptops and tablets will soon be in the hands of students at Donna Independent School District.

The school district announced its purchasing more than $5 million worth of Chromebooks and iPad devices in an effort to make online material accessible for all students.

“The likelihood of our students coming back to a normal setting in the fall is like slim, because of what we're hearing,” said Hafedh Azaiez, superintendent at Donna ISD. "So, that hit us, so we said okay let's get back here, let's sit down and figure out how, because we cannot wait any longer."

Laptops will also be provided for all teachers, as well as other staff. Azaiez added plans are also in the works to provide free Wi-Fi hotspots to students within the district.

The school district had a five-year plan to increase technology, but with schools shutting down because of the coronavirus, they had to speed things up. The superintendent says they readjusted the district’s budget.

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