Dove Hunters, Border Patrol Sharing Same Grounds

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WESLACO – Dove hunting season is in full swing. Hunters should not only watch out for their game, but U.S. Border Patrol as well.

The U.S.-Mexico border is a prime spot for dove hunting with the high brush followed by the flat terrain it processes.

While some may disagree, some Rio Grande Valley hunters don't mind being stopped by the Border Patrol when either on their way to their spot or already at it.

"Just riding down the levee the Border Patrol stopped and asked if he could look in my car so I said, ‘Sure!’ He said, ‘What you got in there?’ I said, ‘Hunting stuff,’” said Bruce Spears, who's an avid hunter in his retirement.

He said it's rare for Border Patrol to stop anyone, but when they do he's never had a bad encounter with them.

"It's normally a very friendly situation just wave, ‘Hey! Doing a good job guys?’" said Spears.

He knows the agents need to be safe and make sure people aren't doing anything illegal that could potentially be harmful to themselves or others. 

In a statement, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol spokesperson Robert Rodriguez said:

"Safety is always paramount in the Border Patrol. There are designated areas and privately owned lands along the border that hunters seasonally use. Border Patrol agents are constantly reminded to remain vigilant at all times and are made aware throughout the year of the different game hunting seasons."

Both Border Patrol agents and hunters should be aware of each other.


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