Dozens Stung by Bees at Cameron County Park

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UPDATE (3/27): Six people have been released from the hospital following a bee attack at Adolph Tomae Jr. County Park.

Authorities said between 40 to 50 people were stung, but only six were taken to the hospital.

Cameron County Parks Director Joe Vega said crews cleaned out the hive Monday morning.

Vega said springtime means bees are migrating. He added sometimes hives aren’t in the same place from one day to the next.

The parks director urged people to say away from all beehives and to immediately repot them to park staff.

The park is currently open. 


ARROYO CITY - Six people were hospitalized after bees attacked about 40 to 50 people near Arroyo City. Those hospitalized are in stable condition.

The incident happened at Adolph Thomae Jr. County Park. Cameron County Parks Director Joe Vega told CHANNEL 5 NEWS the Rio Hondo Fire Department responded to the park to destroy the bee hive.

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