DPS Launches App to Anonymously Report Suspicious Behaviors

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WESLACO – The Texas Department of Public Safety launched the iWatchTexas mobile app on Friday.

Suspicious behaviors, such as criminal activities, terroristic activities or school safety-related threats, can be reported using the app.

Each report is reviewed by law enforcement analysts and remains confidential.

Reports can also be made online or by calling 844-643-2251.

Examples of behaviors and activities DPS recommends reporting include:

  • Comments regarding killing or harming someone
  • Questions about building security features
  • Briefcase, backpack or package left behind
  • Vehicles left in no-parking zones
  • Unusual chemical smells or fumes
  • Sensitive information requests (blueprints, security plans or travel schedules)
  • Purchasing supplies that could be used to make bombs or weapons
  • Taking photographs or videos of security features (cameras or checkpoints)

The app is available for both iPhone and Android users.


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