Drivers Who Cross Regularly Into Mexico Should Check Auto Policy

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MCALLEN – Travelers in Tamaulipas, Mexico are at risk on the roads due to a recent uptick in carjackings and gun battles.

For many people in the Rio Grande Valley, driving in Mexico is unavoidable. Tere Villareal said she has to cross into Reynosa almost every day for work.

She knows how dangerous it's been in Tamaulipas in recent weeks.

“It's the craziest it’s ever been. We don't know what is happening,” she said. “This morning somebody took a car from a person here at the Mexican customs and another person reversed and got away. It's very dangerous.”

Villarreal said she has auto insurance on her vehicle. We asked if she would be reimbursed if her car was stolen or showered with bullets.

“I suppose it's covered. But nothing has happened to me, so I’m not sure what would happen,” she said.

Farmers Insurance Group agent Robert Garza guessed Villarreal likely wouldn't be covered. He said that's because most Texas policies that cover incidents in Mexico don't do so if you cross the border every day.

With a Farmers Insurance Group policy, you can't cross more than 10 times in a month or travel more than 25 miles from the international bridge.

“My suggestion would be that if you do travel frequently into Mexico, you're better off getting Mexican insurance rather than try to count days and what have you. Just to be on the safe side,” Garza said.

Not all auto insurance plans in Texas cover travel to Mexico. Garza said to call your agent to find out before heading south of the border.

“Just make sure you do have coverage,” he advised.

Villarreal said she will be doing that soon.

“It worries me. Somebody tried to take my car away. They shot at me and I just reversed, so they didn't get my car. I'm very afraid to live there,” she said.


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