Eclipse Glasses Become Scarce hours before Eclipse

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RIO GRANDE VALLEY--Although we won't see the entire sun covered, eclipse fever can be felt here in the valley.

With only a couple hours before the event, eclipse glasses are becoming harder and harder to find.

The demand for eclipse glasses can best be described as astronomical.

We called dozens of stores. All tell us they've been out for days. The alternative, welding lenses, are also flying off the shelves. 

"No luck, well maybe next time," says Enrique Hernandez.

He spent the day going store to store in order look for the next best thing

"Just here in Weslaco (I went to) 3 on Westgate this one here is four," said Hernandez.

Specifically Hernandez is looking for wielding lenses so he can protect his eyes in order to view the eclipse.

Local hardware stores are seeing a massive increase in customers like Hernandez.

"Customers walk and park themselves right in front of the store. As soon as they hear we don't have them they just take off," said Nora Leal an employee with ace borderland hardware in Weslaco.

Leal tells us they've been out of all of their welding lenses for days as people get ready for the upcoming eclipse.

"No lenses left at all for customers, no lenses for anybody not even for our welders," said Leal.

If you plan on watching the eclipse through a welding lens NASA recommends you get at least a shade 12 anything lower then that can cause some health risks.

Hernandez says with the luck he's having he might have to enjoy the eclipse another way, "I'll just let those people who do have those glasses to tell me all about it."

Leal tells us if they would have known the demand was this astronomical they would have stocked up on more.

If you are not able to get your hands on the glasses or wielding lens, there is a way to indirectly see the eclipse.

According to NASA, ll you need is 2 white sheets of paper, poke a hole in one and allow the light to pass through onto the other piece of paper.

NASA also has a tutorial on how to make a homemade pinhole project with everyday household items.


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