Edcouch Elsa ISD Stopping Sales of Computer Equipment

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ELSA - District Leaders reveal what they're doing about the accidental auction of student information in Edcouch Elsa.

Letters to all parents have finally been sent out notifying them of the current situation and what is being done about it.    

The mistake put children and school employees at risk of leaving their private information in the hands of a stranger.

"Why haven't they advised us? No one's given us information. We didn't know until y'all got here right now. We didn't know."

That's how parents responded in July when we first told them about school computers with their children’s names, addresses and social security numbers auctioned off.

Superintendent Doctor Paul Rivera says he was not in charge at the time of the auction back in April.

But he told us since he took over he's been working on fixing the issue.

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