Edinburg CISD Adopts Mobile App to Report Bullying

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EDINBURG – A new mobile app coming to Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District helps students to report bullying in a quick way and the one reporting remains completely anonymous.

“They have mentioned in the past, but they don't tell me. They see a lot of it. I'm not sure if they just don't say anything," said Esmeralda Salinas who has two children in high school.

She said fear of retaliation and cell phones may be the reason bullying keeps happening in schools.

"Being that I do have two children I feel that if they are being bullied and they want to report it they might be afraid," said Salinas.

Edinburg CISD is converting the bullied child's phone into a safety tool.

The mobile app called Anonymous Alerts not only sends in an alert if a child is being bullied, but it also has videos, links and mental health applications.

"The program that we have currently does not allow us to track the statistics of the reporting of the trends of the bullying types and the specific campuses where it’s occurring more often,” said Sofia Hinojosa the coordinator of student and social services for Edinburg CISD.

She said those statistics and the anonymous factor are needed to better combat bullying.

"The reporting goes directly to the campus administration not only the principals but the assistant principals," said Hinojosa.

Once a report is in, an investigation is conducted within three days.

Hinojosa said the district just wants students to feel comfortable with reporting and getting the help they may need.


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