Edinburg Councilmember to Keep Seat after Alleged Violation

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EDINBURG - Edinburg councilmember Homer Jasso Jr. will keep his position after claims that he violated a conflict of interest ordinance arose. 

That ordinance specifically states that no elected official shall have financial interest in the city. 

According to Edinburg Mayor Richard Garcia, the city attorney did not find Jasso's actions to be willful.
In 2016, one of Jasso's business accepted bids for projects from the city. It was stated these actions were a conflict of interest which could mean grounds for removal of the city position. 

In Tuesday's meeting, Jasso said he contacted both the city manager and attorney before accepting the contract. According to him, he was told he was not in violation. 

Jasso also accused other council members of telling half-truths about the incident. 

The city also gave the community opportunity to express concerns or opinions on the matter. 

The council was set to vote on whether to remove Jasso Tuesday. After hearing the testimony, they agreed not to. 


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