Edinburg Man Uses Lighter Fluid to Terminate Pests, Starts Fire in Garage

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EDINBURG – An attempt to get rid of pests ended up being a recipe for a potential disaster, according to Edinburg fire officials. 

An Edinburg property renter tells us ticks and fleas were bugging him. 

Edinburg Fire Chief Shawn Snider says the man tried a solution, lighter fluid, and a match but It didn't work.

Insects can hide in all spaces.

“Look at all the loose leaves, they get underneath. Right now, there's a lot,” says exterminator Mario Trevino.

Trevino says he has properly eliminated pests for the last 25 years. 

“The products that I use, that company’s use, we use products that are regulated by the EPA,” he explains. 

For one man some products didn't work. 

Snider explains the renter tried an exterminator before but was not satisfied with the work. On Sunday night, he was tired of his bugs.

Edinburg fire crews arrived at the home around 10:30 p.m.

“It was determined the occupant of the structure had used lighter fluid to pour around the perimeter of the home, of the garage area in an attempt to terminate fleas and ticks,” said Snider. “He just took things into his own hands, thinking he had a solution."

Snider says the renter tried to use extra measures to prevent the fire but it didn't work either.

“There was, I counted two cans or charcoal lighter fluids there on the ground, so there was that much product on the ground,” he says. 

The weather didn't help either.

"The wind was adequate, and even if you have fires that you think are out just the mere fact of the weather conditions yesterday prompted the potential for the fire to reignite,” says the fire chief. 

Snider advised to always call a licensed professional like Trevino.

“Believe in the pest control industry. We're here to do the service. And if there's a situation, trust us; that's what we’re here for,” says Trevino. 

Trevino hopes people will listen before some have more than a close call at their home.

Snider pointed out the renter is not being cited at this time since the investigation is ongoing. 


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