Edinburg police warns of scam calls from callers claiming to be police officers

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The Edinburg Police Department issued a Friday advisory that warned the public of a phone scam involving callers claiming to be police officers.

The department received reports of individuals receiving calls from scammers posing as city police officials and requesting their social security numbers, according to a news release.

A recent incident involved a female victim providing her social security number to a caller who claimed to be Edinburg police Chief Jaime Ayala after the caller ID displayed the phone number for the Edinburg Police Department, according to the release.

“However, it is believed that scammers have cloned the number to carry out these activities,” the release stated. “The EPD would like to emphasize that they do not engage in such practices and would never solicit personal information over the phone.”

Police are urging the public to:

Be skeptical of unsolicited calls requesting personal information

Verify the caller's identity independently 

Refrain from sharing sensitive information such as social security numbers or financial details with unknown callers

Educate elderly family members and neighbors about common phone scams 


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