Edinburg Resident Still Without Roof Since May Storms

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EDINBURG - An Edinburg woman said she’s still dealing with the damage caused by a storm five months ago.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS reported how Karen Thompson-Malone’s roof caved in and half of her home was destroyed by the inclement weather in May.

 “I need help fixing my home and my trailer, because I have no roof and it’s cold in here. All I have is a little space heater and it’s not enough,” she said.

Many homeowners like Thompson-Malone were not prepared for the storm that left them with extra expenses.

 “I don’t have the income. I mean, I’m on a fixed income trying to pay for the land I’m living on,” she said.

A twisted tin roof still lays in front of Thompson-Malone’s home. Only a tarp and pieces of plywood are used as cover.

It’s a reminder of much needed assistance by a storm that left her with half a home. Even though FEMA granted her assistance, she said it’s still not enough to complete repairs.   

“That $2,300 was supposed to repair it. But when I sent in estimates, I think the lowest one was for $6,000. And then it was $7,000, $9,000 and $13,000,” she said.

The Edinburg resident said FEMA sent her a letter stating they could only provide funds for certain issues.

CHANNEL 5 NEWS wanted to know if there was any additional help in Hidalgo County for Thompson-Malone.   

Hidalgo County Community Service Agency Emergency Program Supervisor Maria Gallegos said their program helps any Hidalgo County resident that is going through a disaster relief.

“Any kind of problems or issues they have with their house, we help them out to place them in a hotel certain amount of days,” she said.

Gallegos explained many people don’t know about their program. She said they will make an effort to visit Thompson-Malone Thursday morning to address her concerns.

“And whatever issues we can’t take care of, we have partnerships that can help us out with any other programs that are out there that people don’t know about,” she said.

The agency has helped more than 7,000 people so far. Gallegos explained emergency food, temporary shelter, transportation, disaster relief and clothing fall under the program items of emergency.

Anyone can visit Hidalgo County Community Service Agency Emergency Program’s office at 2524 N Closner Boulevard in Edinburg or call them at 956-383-6250. 


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