Edinburg residents grow weary amid construction project

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Nearly a year after the project started in September 2021, residents of Lull Subdivision in Edinburg are anxiously waiting for their street to be completed. 

Channel 5 checked in on the progress in April. The work was supposed to be done by now, but over a month after the initial completion date, residents have not seen results. 

"They started on this street and they went to the next one and the next one and the next one, and they destroyed everything," said Lull Subdivision resident Enrique Galvan. 

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Residents were promised better drainage, new sidewalks, and newly paved roads when the city of Edinburg broke ground on the multimillion-dollar improvement project in September 2021. 

Now, residents feel like the city has left them in the dust. 

"It's been three weeks since I've seen people working," Galvan said. "They used to park the trucks in the back, but they're gone now."

"You constantly have to be cleaning your furniture," Lull Subdivision resident Gabriela Rodriguez said. "And I hang clothes out back, and I have to dust off the clothes, the furniture too, the cars. Everything gets covered in dust."

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Residents says the dirt becomes an even bigger problem when it rains. 

"When it rains, the dirt gets really nasty, and we have to go inside," Galvan said. "And when you try to leave, the tires get stuck in the mud, and it's really messed up."

"For example, right now we're afraid that it's going to rain because we already know that our cars are going to get stuck," Rodriguez said. 

The project was supposed to be completed in September, but delays have pushed the completion date to next January. 

The city of Edinburg says they've finished fixing the drainage, and they hope to have the roadways paved by the end of this year.

The city of Edinburg will host a public outreach meeting for residents of the Lull Subdivision Wednesday at 6 p.m. at the Capilla De San Jose Catholic Mission Church. 


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