Edinburg Tire Shop on High Alert After Burglary

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EDINBURG – A local tire shop is on high alert after being hit by thieves overnight Sunday.

Edinburg police say at least 2 people were involved stealing thousands of dollars’ worth of tires.

The business, Texas Tires, tells us they don't think they were targeted by just anybody. They think whoever did it knew exactly what they were doing.

"This has never happened before. This is the first time and we are worried it could possibly happen again," said an employee who wished to stay anonymous as he fears the thieves may target him.

Roughly $4,000 worth of tires was taken according to Edinburg police.

How it was done is what concerns the employee we spoke with the most.

"It's difficult to understand. We come here every day.  They steal and you feel hopeless. This is our livelihood," said the employee.

This employee tells CHANNEL 5 NEWS the thieves didn't break into the business directly.

First they broke into the business next door and opened a hole in the fence between them.

Once inside surveillance footage showed they wasted no time locating camera across the business and quickly blocked their view with spray paint.

"They were looking as if they knew where the cameras were each one of them," said the employee.

They also used the businesses own ladders to reach some of the cameras.

"We have to repair the cameras and make sure everything is working and add more security," said the employee.

This employee feels whoever did this, must have known exactly what they were doing and fears they may be back or worse, target those who work here.

In the meantime they will be increasing security.

Edinburg police is currently investigating the case.

If you have any information you are urged to contact the Edinburg crime stoppers at (956) 383-8477.


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