Edinburg woman charged with illegally importing black tar heroin

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EDINBURG – Officers arrested an Edinburg woman on Friday when she crossed the Progreso bridge with a pound of black tar heroin "in her groin area," according to court records.

Daisy Ortiz, 37, attempted to cross the bridge from Nuevo Progreso, Mexico, to Progreso, Texas, at about 1:30 p.m. Friday.

"ORTIZ stated that she was a United States citizen and had traveled to Rio Bravo to eat tacos and do shopping," according to the federal criminal complaint against her. "ORTIZ then changed her story and stated she was in Rio Bravo to visit family."

U.S. Customs and Border Protection sent Ortiz to secondary inspection, where officers conducted a pat-down.

During the pat-down, officers found a bag of pills in her groin area, according to the criminal complaint. Ortiz ripped the bag open and "tried to put the pills in her mouth."

Officers restrained Ortiz and handcuffed her. They also identified the pills as Xanax.

"After Ortiz was handcuffed, a rectangular package wrapped in black electrical tape was discovered in her groin area and subsequently removed," according to the criminal complaint. "Inside that package was a dark brown substance."

The substance, which weighed about a pound, tested positive for heroin.

Ortiz is charged with possession with intent to distribute black tar heroin and illegally importing black tar heroin.

Court records don't list an attorney for Ortiz, who remains in federal custody and couldn't be reached for comment.


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