Edinburg woman living with Nutcracker Syndrome shares her story

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Alejandra Peña is diagnosed with a rare condition named Nutcracker Syndrome and is having to deal with the challenges.

Nutcracker syndrome is a condition where the left renal vein is so compressed that blood flow is interrupted. Doctors have said there is nothing they can do, but put her on medications to manage the pain.

The pain has gotten so unbearable that Peña was let go of her job, forced to live off her saving and has tried renting her house for income. 

"I've been living off of my savings. I had to pull out my retirement, so I started renting out my house so I can make ends meet," Peña said

However, due to Hurricane Hanna her house had some damages. 

"My fence broke and the water heater broke, and things keep breaking." Peña said "People don't want to stay in a house where there's no hot water running."

Watch the video for the full story. 


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