Elderly Evacuees Find Shelter in Valley Nursing Home

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UPDATE (9/6): More than a dozen Houston area nursing home residents who were evacuated due to Hurricane Harvey are now on their back home.

The group was evacuated from their facility to rising flood waters.

The group of 15 along with four employees took shelter at the Retama Nursing Center in Weslaco last Monday night.

Ninety-three others were evacuated to other facilities across the state.


WESLACO – Some of the state's most vulnerable were caught in Hurricane Harvey's path.

Floodwaters made their way through a nursing home in Port Arthur Wednesday. All of the residents were evacuated.

Around 108 people at First Colony Health and Rehab in Missouri City were evacuated Monday night. They arrived to the Rio Grande Valley just before 2 a.m. Tuesday.

Fifteen are being cared for at Retama Manor Nursing Center in Weslaco. The two centers are sister facilities.

Anjelica Smith's 69-year-old grandmother is among the evacuees.

"Our situation was it was raining real bad for three days," said Smith.

She said her grandmother made it out before the floodwaters hit.

"She handled it OK," Smith said. "As long as she knew we were going to a better place."

Yvonne Olivarez, administrator at Retama Manor, said staff cleared an entire wing at their facility to house the evacuees. She also said there is no time table on how long the evacuees will be at the facility.

Olivarez added they increased staff to help care for the additional patients.

Smith said she is thankful her grandmother, along with the others, were evacuated and are in safe hands and out of Harvey's wrath.

"It's nice here," Smith said. "She (grandmother) is doing better."


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