Eli Jackson Cemetery owner still fighting for border wall construction to stop near land

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One Rio Grande Valley resident is fighting to stop border wall construction near his family's historic land. 

Ramiro Ramirez says he holds the deed to the Jackson Ranch Church and Cemetery, which was built by his forefathers.

Ramirez worries the adjoining Eli Jackson Cemetery is also being eyed by the government. The property which shares the same lineage, but different ownership sits closer to the wall construction. Ramirez said the government will need to acquire part of that property to complete the build.

"You'll see the base of the wall going up," Ramirez said. "After they're finished with the concrete part, you'll see the iron steel columns going up."

Construction will be continuing in the final days of the Trump administration.

President-Elect Joe Biden said he will not build any more wall, but has not said whether he will dismantle any of the existing work. 

"We can't let the next administration even think about taking it down, if you can believe that," Trump said in his visit to the Rio Grande Valley on Tuesday. "I don't think that will happen."

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Correction: A previous version of this story misattributed a quote from President Donald Trump. 


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