End of an Era: Last Blockbuster in Texas Closes

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EDINBURG – It’s an end of an era. The last Blockbuster in Texas closed its doors last month.

It was a place where millions would go and rent their movies. No matter what movie, you could find it at the video store.

“Yes sir, it is. It’s sad,” Rick Cavazos said.

Cavazos was the manager of Blockbuster for 14 years. “It’s a family affair. My wife currently runs this store. She worked at the one in Sharyland and now at this location. And it’s the last one here in Texas,” he said.

“The feelings are mixed,” Liz Cavazos said. “Because it is the location where I started and I get to close the location where I started.”

The store holds significance for the Cavazos since it was where they met. Now, they’re assisting customers to buy up last-minute deals on movies and video games. At one time, Blockbuster had more than 9,000 stores and employed more than 58,000 people in the U.S. alone.

“It’s the end of an era. Truly is an end of an era. I remember when they used to have VHS tapes in here,” customer Joshua Kennedy said.

“It’s the end of an era, but Netflix and Hulu and online and the flea market contributed to the downfall,” Henry Serrato said.

Other customers said it was a family affair to go to Blockbuster to rent movies or pick up video games.

“I’m sad because I have a membership. This is where I get my movies,” one woman said.

But Blockbuster is not totally out. They still have stores in Alaska and Oregon.

“Being a family-friendly oriented place, it was a good place to come and I’m going to miss coming here,” Matthew Medina said.

The Cavazos said they saw the closure coming and they are making plans for the future.

“Currently, I’m employed in public service. I’m doing that and I’m helping here,” Rick Cavazos said.

“My mind has too many things on it right now. But I do have plans for the future. And just discussing it still with my husband,” Liz Cavazos said.

The last Blockbuster in Texas closes its doors and becomes a piece of history.


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