Engineering Group Working on Contaminated Site in Rio Hondo for Cleanup

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RIO HONDO – Hazardous material sitting at a property near Rio Hondo could finally be cleaned up after seven years.

The Texas Attorney General's Office is closely monitoring the property owner's efforts to clear the hazardous material.

A massive fire burned on the property for several days in 2012.

The owner of the property, William Templeton, never removed the burnt materials including six cubic yards of hazardous flammables.

Templeton is now working with Ambiotec Engineering Group to clean it up.

Ambiotec has determined that most of the material can be disposed of at the Brownsville City Landfill.

They will have to dispose of liquid and hazardous wastes elsewhere, but have not determined where.

The cleanup efforts will cost Templeton from $15,000 to nearly $17,000.

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