Equipment stolen from local ranchers

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A string of burglaries in Hidalgo County affected four ranchers as thieves made off with a total of $200,000 in heavy duty farming equipment.

Among the victims were Joe and Senaida Rodriguez of Edcouch.

“The neighbor passed by around [9:40 a.m.] and that's when she realized her kubota was stolen and all the gates were already open,” Joe Rodriguez said.

Joe Rodriguez added that he believes thieves cut through their fence to enter their property. The other affected ranchers also had similar cuts in their fencing.

“They came in with a lot of people because this happened within an hour and half, they took three big tractors, three big trailers, a bunch of equipment,” Joe Rodriguez said. “It broke me because we all work hard for our things and it's so hard to get things, and then it's so easy for someone just to come and take it.”

The Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office said their investigation is ongoing. 


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