Escobares Police Officers Working Overtime to Help BP

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ESCOBARES – The Escobares Police Department is assisting Border Patrol agents amidst the immigration surge.

The city of Escobares has two full-time and five reserves officers who help when their regular work day is over.

Javier Garza, one of the full-time officers, says they respond to illegal crossings at least two to three times a day.

Mayor Noel Escobar says he wishes he could do more for his officers, but money is tight.

"Hours that are expended on a daily basis sometimes show fair wear-and-tear on the personnel. You can tell they worked 14-15 hours," says Escobar.

The mayor says it’s a constant worry his short-staffed department will be stuck responding to illegal crossings while something else happens in the city.

He says he relies on the county and neighboring cities for help.

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