Event Offers Protection Advice for Journalist on the Border

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MCALLEN - A group of Mexican and U.S. journalists met Friday to discuss protecting themselves when doing news coverage along the border.

The International Center for Journalists and Border Center for Journalist and Bloggers hosted a bi-national security panel discussion with Mexican newspapers and private security organizations representatives.

Noreste Newspaper editor Francisco Cuamea said the event talked about physical, digital and legal protections journalists have.

“To protect ourselves, we use the journalistic principle of reporting the truth, and use evidence of what we publish,” he said.

Cuamea said the seminars are needed to keep his and other journalists safe when covering stories in the U.S. and south of the border.

The panel presentation is the second protection training for border journalists offered in the Rio Grande Valley. The organization also produces other workshops across Mexico and the U.S. 


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