Expert Recommends Using Traveler Insurance to Stay Protected

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MCALLEN – A total of 13 people heading to the Mayan ruins in Mexico died after the bus they were on rolled over.

Eight of them are from the U.S. Most of the passengers were coming from a cruise.

A Rio Grande Valley travel agency is urging their clients to buy traveler’s insurance before going out of the country.

Judy Parmenter is a hospital volunteer and travel enthusiast.

"I just thought that could have been me,” she said.

Traveling abroad is nothing new to her. She said when she saw what happened to tourists killed in Mexico, she was shaken.

"I mean, I've gone on those excursions off of a cruise,” said Parmenter.

Parmenter said before taking off on a trip overseas or even in the country, she buys travelers insurance. She hopes other people on that bus did the same.

"If they had insurance they would have gotten or someone would have gotten that money back,” said Olson Tours and Cruises owner Chuck Olson.

Olson said many people should prepare themselves for cancelations and medical trip insurance.

"While I'm out of the country, my medical insurance will not cover me anymore,” said Olson.

He said some companies will provide protection.

“And they would get involved in that, and they would start looking after them if they have to be evacuated back to the United States,” said Olson.

Olson and Parmenter had to use their trip insurance during Hurricane Harvey.

"Our plane left to go to Hawaii and as it was, we got out okay. But, when we came back we had to spend an extra night in San Antonio and of course, we had the food and the whole nine yards,” said Parmenter.

Parmenter said she was reimbursed for all expenses.

Olson explained insurance also covers accidents, sickness and accidental deaths.

Mexican officials have launched a potential homicide investigation into the crash.


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